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We are a Web Design the needs of businesses in Hyderabad, India. We design and develop responsive websites and mobile apps. Our passion for website design shows in all our creations. In the age of the Internet for a Business to succeed it needs to stand out from the crowd. We can take your ideas & create unique, visually stunning, interactive & professional websites that do exactly that, We use the latest technologies and are well versed in using video, animations and slides shows to get your business message across to consumers.
All our projects start by understanding your needs & expectations. We take a great deal of pride in our work & our objective is to create an online presence that not only are you proud of but also ranks high in Search Engine results. Our creations are designed to be responsive; to look and feel differently depending on the type of device being used such as mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. They are designed to promote a business’s products & services, capture information, take sales order, bookings etc.

Resposive Web Design

Our professional approach ensures that websites are well-planned and custom built. Our websites work effectively on laptops, notebooks, tablets and smart phones. More.....

E-Commerce Websites

Secure future earnings with an efficient e-commerce site. We develop sites that integrate online orders, secure payments and shipping, all with a quality user experience. More.....

GPS Solutions

The free global availability and accuracy of GPS signals for positioning and timing, combined with the low cost of receiver chipsets,has made GPS the preferred solution. More.....

Logistics Solutions

Logistics sector companies are constantly seeking new ways to increase output and streamline costs. Find IT solutions that help you meet the challenges in manufacturing and logistics business. More.....

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Some Background On the Company

Suneeta Techsoft Pvt Ltd., Founded in 2012.

Suneeta Techsoft Pvt Ltd with its brand name as eCargo is a third-party freight and logistics company using web-based tools to deliver instant freight shipping solutions directly to both individuals and enables customers to compare rates from different full truckload carriers, book online, and track paperwork - all in one location. With a network of well-known logistic companies in Hyderabad and in India, is able to obtain and consistently offer bench mark service to its customers in all facets of shipping from LTL, full truckload, to specialized freight needs.

We specialise in the following:

  • Logistics Solutions
  • GPS Solutions
  • Resposive Web Design
  • E-Commerce Web Site
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